Computer Security Awareness Guide

Computer Security Awareness Guide and Quiz
Did you know that simply by the fact of having our office or home computers connected to a network and on the Internet; these are exposed to several computer security risks?


A computer security risk arises from the intentional or unintentional misuse of computers, network resources as well as the internet. These risks may result in the loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, confidential information, and data integrity as well as network and internet availability.

One of the main tasks of the CGIAR Information Technology managers is to ensure that computers and information in centers are as secure as possible, although as you may already know, nothing is 100% secure…

Studies show that a company’s biggest security threat is its own employees. This is why it was decided in the last CGIAR Information Technology meeting held in October 2009 to produce materials to educate our staff about computer security and test them to make sure they are aware of the security risks they are exposed to and develop the ability to know what to do in different situations.

Computer Security Awareness Guide:

This work is part of our ongoing commitment to enrich the ICT-Infopoint area of CGX 2.0 that aims towards delivering training materials and other useful ICT-related information to CGIAR’s staff located in HQ and regional offices, so based on the 7 Enterprise Security Good Practice guides published last year and using some technical content kindly shared by IRRI and Bioversity International; I am pleased to announce that we have published the Computer Security Awareness guide for CGIAR staff ! This 11-page guide provides some tips for responsible computer usage in the workplace, summary of the malicious software (malware) and types of attacks that should help CGIAR staff understand and mitigate the Computer Security risks.

So, after you read the guide:

Measure your Computer Security Awareness knowledge: take the quiz!

Click on this image to open the quiz page

In our efforts to raise computer security awareness in the CGIAR and to measure what you learned with the guide; we have prepared a computer security awareness online quiz.

This quiz includes 20 single/multiple selection questions and it will take you from 5-15 minutes to complete. At the end of the quiz, the results will be submitted to your IT department and you will be able to print the ‘Certificate of Course Completion‘ with your name and score so you can show it to your boss and/or keep it for your records. Full quiz instructions and tips.

If you do not pass, I encourage you to read the guide again and repeat the quiz another day… Come on, don’t get scared of the quiz…it is very simple to pass… if you read the guide of course! :)

Note: if you are not from the CGIAR, you can also take the quiz to measure your computer security awareness; just make sure to write your external email address and select Center=’N/A’ when requested on the first screen.

Good luck and I look forward to your feedback…

(Courtesy of the CGIAR KM Team)