Skype is a software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, and low-cost calling to people who don't use the service. Skype can be used to call Landline and Mobile phones for different countries but at fee. Skype has also become popular for their additional features which include instant messaging, file transfer and video Conferencing.


Where can Skype be used in an organization?

Ø Holding meetings with people in different regions.

Ø Conducting interviews.

Ø Allows for desktop sharing which is useful in sharing presentations with participants.


Advantages of Skype

Ø Free Skype to Skype calls no subscription fee required.

Ø You can use your Skype™ software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without limits.

Ø Free video chat with other Skype users.

Ø Cheaper international calls.

Ø Support different languages .

Ø Fair safe to use.


Skype Features


Sometimes it's easier to initiate an IM-style chat than to use your voice. Choose a contact in your list and click the Chat icon While you're in the chat, you can add additional contacts to it by clicking on the Add button.

Call Skype users for free

Skype allows you to call any existing Skype user. When you travel overseas with your laptop you simply have to connect to the Internet and you can call the office, or home for free. If you have a webcam on your laptop or PC, you can also make impressive quality video calls.

Conference Calls

When making voice calls between Skype users, you can include up to a total of 15 callers in a conference call, once again with no additional cost. You can even have a free conference call with people using Skype and others using landline or mobile phones at the same time.



Transfer files

You can transfer files to other Skype users in one of several ways. The easiest is to simply drag a file onto the name of an online contact and select Send File. You can also right-click on a contact, or even send a file to everyone in a chat; choose Send File to All Participants.


Skype out – Is a Feature that allows you to call landline or cell phone from your Skype™ account at a reduced rate. Since this is a pay-as-you-go service, the subscriber must buy a block of minutes up front, to do this you go to For a complete list, visit


How to setup a Skype account

Ø Open the application 'Skype'.

Ø If you have never used Skype before then read the Terms and Conditions, and press enter.

Ø If you have already opened Skype before then skip the step  above.

Ø Click 'Don't have a Skype name?

Ø Fill in all of the information and press enter

Ø Fill in your Skype name and password before pressing enter and logging in.


ICT encourages the use of Skype for Meeting, Conference  and Interviews . It’s  a cheap and reliable way to communicate and share information.


For users who need ICT assistance with the above mentioned facilities, place the request 3 Days before hand. This will allow us to prepare and test the connection. When sending the request kindly include the Skype names of the people you will be communicating with.


For any assistance with the above please contact the respective ICT Helpdesks as follows

ILRI Kenya: ilrikehelpdesk(at) or ext 3253

ICRAF:  icrafhelpdesk(at) or ext 4207

ILRI Addis: ilri-eth-ict-helpdesk(at) or ext 2180


For any comments, a topic that you’d like us to feature or an ICT question you’d like addressed through this forum, kindly send an email to icrafilriictawareness(at) or simply reply to this email.


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