Easily share files with Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

Google drive is a free online file storage and sharing platform.

Why Google Drive?

-  Safely keep all your files and documents in one place and then access them from any device, anywhere

-   With Google Drive you don’t need to send large email attachments which can clog your mailbox anymore, just share your file, folder or Google docs from any device anywhere at the click of the button.

-   Keep collaborating-Do you collaborate with others in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides? Google Drive lets you continue to create, access, and collaborate in a version-free world.

Did you know that Google has increased your free storage space? You can now enjoy up to a maximum of 30GB free online storage with CGXchange

How do I share documents on Google Drive?

To share files/folders with partners or colleagues follow the instructions below;

1.       Log in to Google Docs: Click on http://docs.cgxchange.org or copy and paste this link to your web browser and sign in with your CGIAR username and password. As shown below

Username: <yourusername>

Password: <yourpassword>

2.       Click on My Drive to view all files and Folders uploaded on Google drive



3.       Click on the drop down arrow of  File/Folder you want to share > Click on Share

4.       To Share files with people on the CGIAR network, type their name under the box titled “Invite People” and select appropriately as illustrated below. Their email address will appear from the drop down menu. If the person you want to share a file/folder with does not have a CGIAR address type their FULL email address.  NB: You can share a file with multiple people

5.       Select the permissions. Documents shared on Google Drive areprivate and can only be accessed by the people you have shared with according to the rights you assign.

-          Can Edit- Can modify the contents of the document

-          Can view- Allowed to view the documents



a)      Click on add message to add an optional message.

b)      Click on Share and Save


The file will be shared with the people added on the list and they’ll receive an automatic email notification