Tips to Reduce your Cellphone Bill


Internet Access is an essential feature on smartphones promising to make our daily lives easier, simpler and more fun.

However, there is of course a downside to being permanently online.

Mobile data usage may cause your phone bill to skyrocket without you even knowing how, when or why.

Every Smartphone (not only iPhone) are a potential threat to your economy.


Tips to reduce your cost.

1. Turn off automatic E-mail Synchronization (Push)

Most phones are set to automatically check for and download new e-mails and calendar events as they pop into your inbox. But do you really need to receive them 24/7?

  • IPhone: Open Settings – > Email ->Retrieve new Data ->Turn off Push, and select Manual
  • Android: Open Settings -> Accounts/Synchronization ->Choose an account (repeat if several) -> uncheck any Synchronization settings.

2. Turn off Push for every application

  • IPhone: Open Settings – > Notifications ->Turn off all notifications
  • Android: Open Settings -> Accounts/Synchronization ->Turn off Synchronization

3. Roaming

Only switch on roaming on your smart phone when needed after completion switch off.

  • IPhone: Open Settings -> General -> Network -> Turn off Roaming
  • Android: Menu key Settings ->Wireless and network-> Mobile networks ->finally ->tick or untick Data roaming

4. Only use internet or mobile data, when you need to(switch off mobile data)

You may want to control when and where you switch to use mobile data. When in the office it advisable to switch of the packet data and use the WI-FI points available in campus.

  • IPhone: Open Settings -> General -> Network -> Turn off Mobile Data
  • Android: Menu key Settings ->Wireless and network-> Mobile networks ->Turn off Packet Data

NOTE! Turning off Mobile Data does not prevent your phone from downloading emails via Wi-Fi networks.

5.Use WI-FI connection instead of mobile data:

When in a location with wireless connection (i.e. Office. Hotel, Airport or wireless home connection). Turn on you wireless connection.

Switch off your packet data (procedure point 4. above) and switch on wireless.

  • IPhone: Settings -> WI-FI icon ->If Wi-Fi is “OFF”, touch the Wi-Fi toggle to turn on Wi-Fi.
  • Android: Settings ->Wireless and Network Settings ->Check to turn on Wi-Fi so you can connect to Wi-Fi networks.

6.Deactivate Purchase Functionality for apps

  • IPhone: Open Settings -> General -> Restrictions ->Turn off In App Purchase
  • Android: Open “Google Play” -> Open the Menu -> Settings ->Check “Use personal Code for Purchase”. On “Google Play” you are not required to register your credit card to create an account. If you haven’t done that, this option will not be available.

6. Switch Off Location Services

  • IPhone : Location Services can be turned on or off at Settings > Location Services.
  • Android: Settings menu ->  Location & Security-> Uncheck the boxes for Google Location Services and Standalone GPS Services.

For assistance with this, do not hesitate to contact the respective helpdesk.

ILRI Kenya: ilrikehelpdesk(a) or ext. 3253

ICRAF:  icrafhelpdesk(a) or ext. 4207

ILRI Addis: ilri-eth-ict-helpdesk(a) or ext. 2180