Checking your Telephone Bill


Did you know you can now check your telephone bill online?

Telephone bills are generated at the end of each month and calls made using the personal code (8) are deducted from your pay slip the following month. E.g. Calls made in September will be deducted in the October pay slip. Official calls made are charged to the unit cost Centre provided to ICT.

How do I check my Telephone bill?

 Follow the steps below:-

  1. Click on or copy and paste this link to your web browser. Bookmark or add this page to your favorites folder for quick reference. The same page can be accessed through ILRINET , Information systems tab, click on Check your telephone bill.

2. You will be prompted for a user name and password, type in your domain user name and password (this is the same user name and password used when logging on to the computer) E.g.

Log in: <Your User Name>

Password: ‘Yourpassword’


3. Click on usage details as shown below. Make your selections by selecting the FROM (i.e. First day of Month) and To (Last day of the month). The CallSub type frame displays all call type categories i.e. (Local, international, mobile, IVDN etc.). As illustrated below: If you want to check your bill for calls made externally e.g. Mobile calls double click on M-mobile field. The letter M will appear on the right side of the frame, this explains that mobile calls selection is made.

4. Select the personal official frame and double click on P-Personal to select all personal calls and O-Official to select all official calls.

NOTE: Calls made using the official code (9) are charged to the provided unit/project/organization cost center and personal calls (8) are charged to your personal account

  • If you want a list of all telephone call bills regardless of whether Mobile/IVDN/International-TKL and the like DO NOT make a selection on the callsub type frame. You will get a comprehensive report indicating all telephone calls made including the total
  • As illustrated in the screenshot below : To select all personal calls double click on P-Personal, the letter P will appear on the right side of the form. See diagram below.

5. Once all selections are made, Click on the submit button and this will display a report of all your personal, Mobile calls made using your PIN Number for the selected period.

Below is the detailed usage Report information

Note: To make official calls, dial 9<No to dial>#PIN; To make personal calls, dial 8 <No to dial>#PIN – Please remember to Keep your PIN confidential.

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