Ensure genuine Emails are delivered to your Inbox and not treated as SPAM/Junk

Have you found genuine emails from a genuine sender in your Junk/SPAM folder?

 A) To have emails from this sender, always treated as ‘safe’ and hence delivered to your inbox,

Do the following:

1.      Right click on the email that is in your  spam folder

2.      Click on Junk Email > Select “Never block sender”.

B) To automatically add the people you send emails to, to the Safe Senders List,

Do the following:

Within Outlook 2010, Under Home, Click on the Junk drop down box under the Home tab and then chooseJunk Email Options.

Description: Junk Email Option

Now in the Junk Email Options window, navigate to the Safe Sender tab and check the Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders List option.

Description: SafeSender List

Click OK to complete the configuration. Now valid emails will not be marked as Junk by Outlook 2010 over and over again.

For assistance with this, do not hesitate to contact the respective helpdesk. 

ILRI Kenya: ilrikehelpdesk(at)cgiar.org or ext 3253 

ICRAF:  icrafhelpdesk (at)cgiar.org or ext 4207

ILRI Addis: ilri-eth-ict-helpdesk(at)cgiar.org or ext 2180