Symantec Backup- Customize Your Backup

Symantec Backup Exec Desktop Agent (DLO) is a program for backing up data from your computer to ILRI’s backup server. The default folders to be backed up are My Documents, My Favorites, Desktop  and all Email files (Personal storage-pst files) . Backup Selections allows you to view the folders and files that have been backed up from your PC to the university’s central backup server. You will be able to see all the drives and folders on your computer, but only the drives and folders with a checkmark() are selected to be backed up

How do I ensure my backup is running?

Ensure that the icon    appears at the bottom right corner of the task bar.

How do I customize my backup and ensure all my official folders are backed up?

  • Right click on the icon  (Located at the bottom right hand corner of your task bar) then click on open desktop Agent, the screen below opens


  • To open the Backup Selections page, click on Backup Selections, click on the + sign to open the drives in your computer.

(I.e. Drive C and D). The files and folders that are backed up are marked with a check mark. A red X indicates a file or folder that is globally excluded.

  • If you want to make selections for all official folders to be backed up ensure you mark   against the folders to backed up.
  • Once all folders are selected in both drives (C and D) click on save changes at the bottom.
  • Your backup selections are saved. See Diagram below


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