Remote ICT Support Service


The ICT unit is pleased to officially announce Remote ICT support , both on and off campus (As long as you have an internet connection). This is a secure remote service that allows us, with your consent and permission to either take control of your computer to resolve your ICT problems through screen sharing or show you what steps to take while observing your actions to resolve the same in the shortest time possible. It shall be accompanied by a phone call.
The Remote ICT Support Service ensures:

 Less resolution times to your ICT problems hence improved efficiency and effectiveness – Know your expected resolution times and priority levels for tasks.
 That users travelling or in the regions, do not struggle with instructions from ICT staff over the phone and will enjoy the support just as if you carried your favorite ICT Support staff with you but at no cost.
 That ICT staff can provide concurrent support hence greatly improving delivery of the service to all.
 That you are in charge of accepting a remote connection request from an ICT Staff to assist you.
 That you can witness all that the support staff is doing on your computer and ask any questions you may have.

We are in the process of rolling out the tools (DameWare (For on-campus support) and Team Viewer (For off-campus support)) on computers as required that will allow provision of this service. This has already been done on some and the process shall continue over the next few days. We shall therefore continue to use the services going forward. Read: Steps to provision of remote ICT Support and more information.
The ICT staff assisting you shall instruct you on what to do when required to use this service.

• Raise your request with the helpdesk by sending an Email to for ICRAF users and for ILRI users or by calling Ext. 4207 (ICRAF) or Ext. 3253 (ILRI) . Do this in good time, in line with expected resolution times to avoid inconveniences
• Information has been posted on the ICT portal, and that answers most of your questions. Be sure to visit at . Tag it as a favorite page on your browser for easy access.

Kindly note that this service may not be applicable for certain types of problems e.g. those that involve loss of physical connection to the network and we shall therefore continue visiting your offices for such like requests.

Enjoy, Much, Much more efficient ICT Support!