Remote Desktop Support

Remote Support Services

This is a secure service that allows a representative to assist an end-user in solving computer problems, either by showing what steps to take via screen sharing, or with permission, taking control of the desktop and performing a task remotely. Remote Support is often used in conjunction with phone support.

The deployment of remote support is in pursuit of improving the efficiency and effectiveness as well as timely support provision. This service will also provide the ICT Staff with the capabilities to provide concurrent support with greatly improved delivery.

In support of this crucial service, the security systems have been greatly improved and tightened to avoid any compromising circumstances.

Two different tools deployed for this service include; DameWare for local staffs and Team Viewer for regional staffs.

Dame ware

DameWare Mini Remote Control
The DameWare Mini Remote Control (DMRC) program is loaded with numerous features to help IT professionals get the most out of remote control connectivity.  It offers quick and easy "on the fly" deployment of its client agent service to remote machines. This grants the administrator the ability to remotely install the client agent service thus eliminating the need to physically visit the remote machine to install the software. This tool then gives the administrators the unique ability to remote control any machine on the LAN or WAN (across town, across the country, or even around the world) in a matter of seconds.

The Mini Remote Control includes extensive features with regard to security and encryption, including multiple authentication methods. For security purposes any connection to the remote machine requires clients’ permission, in that a client has to accept a connection. This means that the connection is done with the users’ consent.

Team Viewer Remote Support over the internet

Team Viewer

NOTE: ICT Staff shall assist with the installation.


Download Teamviewer Full Version V5.19385 now and save it on the desktop or your own specified folder.

To install TeamViewer click here for detailed instruction. To activate your TeamViewer version V5 click here to download TeamViewer Activation Save the package and extract Reg file. Double click on the extracted file.