Using spam manager for junk mail filtering


Cgnet has introduced a new Junk Mail filtering system to all users called Spam Manager. This new service is provided by Message Labs, and will give you more options on how to view and filter potentially unwanted e-mail.

Using Spam Manager for the First Time:

When you receive spam for the first time, a welcome message which contains a URL to register with spam manager will be sent to your email address. To register

•Login using the URL to change your password

•Click Send me a password. A confirmation message is sent to you, which contains your initial password and a link to the login page.

You can also go directly to the Spam Manager and login with your email address and password at the following link:

Using Spam Manager

You can view your quarantined message by two methods:

•A summary of the Spam quarantined will be sent to your Inbox. If you do not approve the messages, they will be permanently purged after 14 days.

•Login directly to the spam manager URL to view your quarantined messages.

Managing Approved Senders and Blocked Senders:

The Approved Senders tab will allow you to create your own “allowed list”. To view and manage your Approved Senders,

•click on the Approved Senders tab:

•Next, click on the Add button. An approved senders Page will open

•Under the Sender box, enter the e-mail address of the recipient you want to bypass Message Labs.

Useful Tip: If you receive e-mail from multiple clients at the same company, you can white list all e-mails from the company by entering the domain name. For example, if you wanted to make sure that all e-mail sent from Microsoft was delivered directly to your inbox, you would enter

•Under the Description box, enter a short description

•Click on the Save button.

The Blocked Senders tab displays your personal blocked senders list. The same steps above apply for blocked senders.

NB: You may find that the approved/blocked senders’ tabs are missing when you login to spam manager for the first time. To resolve this:

•Logout from spam manager

•Click the confirm button

•Login to the spam manager link again-

Configuring Other Options:

The Options tab will allow you to:

•Change your password.

•Adjust the notification options by selecting how often you want to be notified that you have received new spam messages.


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