Server Administration and Support

The server infrastructure covers central servers and the applications running on the servers.
Services currently provided on these central facilities are:i.) Exchange email system that provides a common email service to all CGIAR Centres including  replication of public folders to other CG sites.ii.)Internet Proxing and content filtering.iii.)Local services publishing to the internet.iv.)Authentication, Authorization, & Identity Management using active directory.v.)Hosting of Centre servers for IFPRI, IWMI, KMIS, GIS, and Finance among and DHCP services.vii.)Virtual Private Network services for site to site connectivity and teleworkers.In the coming months we plan to upgrade the current services by completing turn key projects listed below:Ongoing projects:i.) Upgrade of Active Directory services based on Windows Server 2008 R2ii.) Upgrades of the helpdesk systemiii.) Upgrade of ISA from the current 2004 to the latest 2006 version (The guest ISA is already upgraded and the main ISA being tested before deployment)iv.) Routing Webmail and RPC over HTTP on the reliable VSAT link.For more information on servers, kindly send an email to

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