Video Conferencing Services

Meeting room video conferencing facilities are available on ILRI-Addis Campus

The equipment is portable and can be setup in three different Conference Rooms that is:Director General’s Conference Room, Info Center Conference Room and Large Auditorium .

This equipment consists of a flat screen TV, videoconferencing camera and microphone .

You will need to provide participants outside the campus with the following IP number to dial to join a conference, or you can dial the number that they provide.



Important Facts

  1. It is not compatible with desktop webcams.
  2. It is ideal for point-to-point conferences but can be used in multi-party conferences if the conference is initiated by an organization that supports this feature or through arrangement with a video-conferencing gateway provider (costs will be involved).
  3. The camera is remote controlled and can rotate and zoom in on the person talking; it can be used in a meeting room of any size although the microphone is limited to a radius of about 10 Meters.

The services allow for visual collaboration and is ideal for
1.    Live ‘Face to Face’ conversations
2.    Interviews and meetings of dispersed teams

Or When:
1.    The expense or time of travel is a consideration
2.    The other participants also have access to video conferencing services
If a presentation needs to be shared with participants use a combination of video conferencing and Gotomeeting (virtual meeting workspace).

1.    Its free for Staff on ILRI-ADDIS Campus
2.    USD 100 per hour for external requestors
3.    Any meetings set up outside of office hours shall attract overtime charges for the staff assisting with the setup and on standby.

Request the video-conferencing equipment after you booked your meeting room listed above where the infrastructure is already being used; kindly contact the ICT Helpdesk on ILRI-ETH-ICTHELPDESK(at)CGIAR.ORG or Ext 2180 we request that you book at least 5 days before the meeting so that tests can be carried out.
If you would like to invite participants:
To do: confirm that they have meeting room video conferencing facilities that works over the internet
Provide the details of the contact person in the destination and the IP number of their equipment (if known) to the conferencing services
If you have been invited to a video conference
To do: Share the contact details of the facilitator with the IT unit at the point of booking, so that appropriate details can be shared and tests done for a successful meeting.
The benefits
1.    Reduction in how much you spend on travel
2.    More “Meeting Friendly” than a teleconference
3.    Reduction in time lost in production with staff being away from the office
4.    Reduction in your carbon footprint (less traveling incurred) and so are helping to do your bit for the environment.

Enjoy less expensive, more effective meetings!
For any further information, do not hesitate to contact any member of the ICT unit or the conferencing services staff.