Email Services

All ILRI Staff and staff of organisations hosted at the ILRI Campus are entitled to @cgiar account.


Upon submission of an ICT services request form, staff shall be issued with a email account which they will use for official communication.


Standard Email client on which your account is configured is Ms Outlook 2010 or Ms Outlook 2007. An ICT Staff shall assist in configuring this upon creation of your account.

Access to your Emails

Access to Emails can be done through Ms Outlook, Outlook Web Access or by use of a mobile device.

i) Ms Outlook:

This is an Email client on your computer that is part of the Ms Office suite. The configurations shall be done on the computer allocated to you and shall be part of the initial configuration once your account is created. This provides you with access to your  mails when on the ILRI Network and on any Internet Connection if using the a laptop that has been configured by the IT personnel (i.e. your official laptop)

ii) Outlook Web Access:

This tool provides you with access to you emails from any computer that has access to the Internet. The address is (ILRI Kenya users) and (ILRI Ethiopia users) You shall be provided with the logon details during your IT Induction. These details are the same logon details you shall use to log on to the computer configured for use on the ILRI Network.

iii) Using a Mobile Device:

  Mobile devices e.g Smart Phones, Nokia E-series among others can be configured to allow you access to your Emails. Contact the ICT helpdesk for assistance.

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