Network Services


The ICT network infrastructure is main communication pathway for data, voice and video signals at ILRI Ethiopia campus. The cabling infrastructure is mainly setup using CAT 6 and CAT 5 cabling as the organization network cabling standard

The network can be broadly categorized into two;

i. The Local Area Network (LAN)

ii. The Wide Area Network (WAN)

Local Area Network

The Local Area Network (LAN) is built on physical and wireless connectivity platforms. The LAN is designed for high speed connection using HP switches with gigabit fiber connections.

The wireless connectivity is implemented using HP Procurve WAP420 and 530ww. The wireless connectivity is available on almost all buildings now including the public places like the InfoCenter, Zebu and the two auditoriums.

Ongoing Network project;

i. Logical Segementation of the LAN

The current LAN is not segemented intoto a Corporate and Guest LAN yet, and work and study is going on dividing the network into two using IP Commander. That way guests will get an IP range which is totally different from the Corporate LAN.

ii. LAN Upgrade

The ICt team is leading a new cabling project for a VOIP ready network right now, the physical infrastructure is being setup to be used by the backbone cables. Measurment of cables needed is being finalised to move to the procurment phase of all things needed to finalise the project in the shortest time possible.

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