Using COMPUTRACE to trace and recover your a lost laptop

Laptop theft is a significant threat to users of laptop computers as well as loss of data resulting from theft not to mention identity theft from such cases.


We (The IT Unit) are therefore pleased to inform you that we now have a Laptop tracking and recovery software (Computrace) on offer for laptops belonging to users on ILRI and ICRAF campuses as well as Staff in the regions.

What is Computrace?

v Computrace® by Absolute® Software is a software-based theft recovery service. It tracks, locates, and recovers stolen computers while providing you with the ability to protect your personal information from identity theft based on the option you choose.

v For most models, the computer is covered at BIOS level and can survive a format or a change of hard disks. For certain other fewer models not supported at BIOS level, the laptop is traceable and recoverable if the hard disk is not formatted.

See below the available detailed options and costs of each.


Option 1:Computrace® Data Protection

Option 2: Absolute®Track

This allows for tracking and recovery of the computer and remotely wiping of sensitive data if a laptop is lost or stolen

This allows for tracking and recovery of your laptop

Price USD

Price USD

1 Year License



2 Year License



3 Year License




On a request to the ICT helpdesk, include:

  1. The option that you are interested in?
  2. The duration of the license?
  3. Your laptop model (If not sure, and based in Nairobi, the IT Unit can determine this)?
  4. A cost Centre to charge the cost of the license to?

Important facts:

v During its life, the license is transferrable from one computer to the other in the event you change your computer before the license expires

v The license can be transferred from one staff member to the next if the need arises e.g. in the even a staff member leaves the organization and the license is no longer required on their laptop.

v Based on the above information, you shall be notified of the support at BIOS Level or at software level.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any queries regards to this solution.

Purchase there after shall be done on a need basis.