Ethiopia Internet: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Fibre Optic Cables

Our colleagues on the ILRI campus in Ethiopia suffered with greatly degraded internet access for much of May as ETC struggled to migrate clients to the new SEACOM cable. The connection has now stabilised and we have some much BETTER news for the future.
TODAY the satellite capacity to the campus was doubled to 2Mbps incoming 1Mbps outgoing. This means that when the ETC link fails and we route traffic through the satellite we can do much more work at reasonable speeds before the link is filled.
On normal days the upgrade ensures that we have enough capacity to access the applications hosted in Nairobi and for good quality video conferencing facilities. More good news is that Vizada, the satellite provider, has given ILRI the humanitarian discounted rates negotiate by the NetHope consortium, saving ILRI at least USD1500 on our monthly bills.

The even BETTER news is that ETC’s fibre optic ring has reached Gurd Shola and this week ILRI paid for ETC to pull a fibre optic cable to the campus. Once connected to the fibre ETC will provide as much bandwidth as ILRI is willing to pay for. The result will be a fast non congested internet connection ready well in time for October’s Sharefair. In the coming months ETC will receive guidance from French Telecom and SEACOM to further improve their internet services. If this improves the reliability of the service there will be a BRIGHT future ahead.