We currently have two firewalls to screen/filter both outgoing and incoming traffic. The first level firewall is the Netscreen firewall and the ISA servers

onboth the guest and Corporate networks act as the second level of filtering incoming traffic. The same set of rules that are configured on the

Netscreen firewall have been used on the respective ISA servers.

ICT Security

To ensure that traffic on the Corporate network is secure, different zones have been configured on the netscreen firewall and rules clearly defined to

determine what level of access is allowed from one zone to another. Currently, the corporate network is on the most secure zone (trust zone)while

the guest network and the other segments (e.g the High Performance cluster) have been placed on the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The DMZ also

offers a high level of security and this is where servers that are accessed by users outside the campuses are placed. The internet has been

placed on the untrusted zone.


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