Gtalk is a collaboration tool.

Get Started with Google Talk

Google Talk is Google's approach to instant communications, a web-based application with some fun features for communicating in real time.
Real instant messaging, start chatting immediately.
Chat one-to-one or have a group chat with a few people on Google Talk
You can access Google talk directly from your Google mail and/or by downloading the client. Learn how to install Google Talk

How to access Google Talk - CGIAR Users

You need a account to access Google Talk. Your cgxchange account is of the from where a is the first letter of your first name and smith, your last name (This also is in the same format as your cgiar email address)

  • Need to invite non CGIAR staff? Ask them to share with you their Google account (e.g. a address) or create a personal Google account


The Google Talk downloadable application for Windows offers many features for communicating with your colleagues, friends and family.

  1. Instant messaging lets you chat with all of your Google Talk and Gmail contacts in real time.
  2. Free PC-to-PC voice calls allows you to talk to anyone else who has the Google Talk client.
  3. If the person you're calling isn't available, you can leave a voicemail. Learn more
  4. Send files of any size to your contacts. There are no file size or bandwidth restrictions.
  5. When you're signed into Google Talk, you'll be notified of new messages in your Gmail inbox.
  6. Add to your own webpage — Just cut and paste this code into your own webpage or blog to embed     the Google Talk gadget.
  7. Group chat: Invite multiple people to chat with you in a group. Learn more
  8. Media previews: Cut and paste video and slideshow URLs from YouTube, Google Video, Picasa     Web Albums and Flickr into your chats and view them in your chat window. Learn more

Video Trainings

Google Talk Training Presentation

Video (9 Min )

Hacking GTalk

Video (3 Min)

    For more information or clarifications, contact the ICT helpdesk

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