Web Conferencing-WebEx

Web conferencing is a solution that brings people together from multiple locations to share information in an interactive environment with other users over the Internet.

This service, that is through a subscription to WebEx is ideal when:

  1. Presentations are key for the meeting and participants are dispersed but have internet access or can call into the meetings
  2. Brain storming is part of the meeting
  3. Desktop sharing is a plus to demonstrate say applications, e.t.c
  4. There is need for a ‘face-to-face’ experience with video from external or internal webcams
  5. The expense or time of travel is a consideration
  6. Up to 15 dispersed participants need to join the meeting from dispersed locations
  7. Certain locations have many participants who can join the meeting as one participant and meeting centre projected to a bigger screen

Communication and Collaboration Features Available Include:

  1. Integrated Voice Conferencing - Use integrated phone conferencing to connect callers to your meetings where participants can call in via VoIP or call-in number
  2. Face to Face Experience with Video - View up to six camera-enabled meeting participants simultaneously, each in their own window.
  3. Text Chat - participants can use this to communicate with specific attendees or the entire group.
  4. Screen-Sharing Capabilities - The presenter can show attendees' his or her desktop or certain documents
  5. Multiple Presenters – Any person in the meeting can be handed over presentation duties at any one point.
  6. Drawing and Annotation Tools  - In the course of presenting a document one might need to underscore certain points or note ideas
  7. Whiteboard – This gives meeting participants a dedicated space for brainstorming ideas


One host is available for the centre’s use. This means that two concurrent meetings cannot take place. Book therefore by sending an Email to

the ICT helpdesk and this shall be arranged.

You are adviced to send the booking for the service at least 3 days before the meeting to confirm availability and ensure on time set up of the same.

This service comes at no extra cost and is now one of the standard services offered by the ICT unit.

Enjoy less expensive, more effective meetings!


A computer with Internet Connectivity

Headphones with Microphone (Available in the stores) or Polycom Communicator 100 (for multiply participants from one location). Some computers have powerful Internal Mics and speakers.

For more information or any clairification, contact the ICT Helpdesk

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