About the Automatic Network Backup

Here are a few facts that will answer some of the questions you may have regarding the automatic network backup set up on your computer.

  1. When does back up take place?

A full backup is done immediately after installation. After this is done, backup is done every time a file changes.

  1. What is backed up and how will I ensure that all my files are backed up?

The backup is configured to backup

  1. Everything within your profile i.e. Your desktop, My documents, My favorites, mails that may be on the default location of Ms outlook personal folders

If you need to backup files/folders that are outside these locations, request for assistance from the IT helpdesk

  1. What is exempted from backup?
  1. Exceptions have been done for all music files, based on the file extensions, e.g. mp3s e.t.c wherever they are.
  1. Exceptions have been done for Video files
  2. Exceptions have been done for Pictures – We understand that some pictures are official and Its therefore recommended that pictures are stored in a shared folder available for each unit.
  1. What should I do, If I lose a file and would like to restore it from the backup

    Option 1: Attached please find the procedure to restore files.;

  1. How will I know if my backup is working or not?
  1. The Symantec backup icon Your browser may not support display of this image.should appear on the bottom right. A similar orange oneYour browser may not support display of this image. , appears when no backups are taking place.

  1. The IT unit constantly monitors and receives notifications if backup has not taken place for more than 7 days and will contact you to resolve.
    Supposing I change my computer?

    The backup agent will need to be installed on this computer as well.

  1. Supposing the backup server went down

    An offsite backup of our localserver is done and is located over at ICRAF.