KENET provides access to Research and Education Networks Worldwide

The World Agroforestry and ILRI’s membership of KENET now gives our scientists access to resources that are not available on the public internet. KENET has launched a gateway to link Kenya’s Research and Education network to the regional networks around the world: GEANT in Europe; Ubuntunet in Africa; Internet2 in the Americas and APAN in Asia.

Although the link between Africa and Europe is not as fast as the advanced networks in other parts of the world we will still be able to make use of information, tools and resources that our collaborators make available to us.

Some example uses of this connection include:
• Our collaborators at Uppsala University in Sweden can give access to a grid of high performance clusters located at Universities across Europe. These can be used to analyse genomic data. Analysis that will take up to a week to process in Kenya can be completed in half a day on the European grid.
• Similarly collaborators at the University of Maryland, Institute for Genomic Sciences are willing to give access to similar high performance processing power, the latest tools for analysing the data and advice and guidance from their experienced researchers.
• Access to e-learning materials and courses that are not available through the public internet.
• Access to online seminars and conferences made available only to the academic community.

As our use of the GEANT gateway increases we will expand the amount of international bandwidth that we receive from KENET to meet these requirements.

If you think you have a use for the link to the Advanced Research networks please don’t hesitate to talk to one of the ICT staff who will assist in making this possible.