Safaricom increase internet bandwidth capacity

Improving Africa's internet connectivity

Safaricom has added 20% more bandwidth capacity for the World Agroforestry Centre’s main internet connection at no additional cost. This brings the capacity up to 12Mbps and reduces our cost per Mbps.

The additional bandwidth will minimise the times that we we experience congestion on our available capacity. Currently this only occurs when transferring large volumes of data or when providing backup for ILRI's internet connection.

Towards the end of April most people in East Africa, Middle East and South Asia experienced a slowdown in internet speeds while the main submarine cable to Europe was being repaired. For almost one week Safaricom gave our internet traffic priority on an alternative direct route to Europe. So while others suffered with unusable, congested internet connections, for the World Agroforestry staff this slowdown was hardly noticed.

We continue to develop a strong relationship with Safaricom for both voice and data services.

Image: African Undersea Cables (2011), shared under Creative Commons from - Steve Song