Internet Services

Internet Services

The wide area network is implemented using a number of perimeter equipments .This includes switches, firewall, Bandwidth

manager and Cisco routers. The WAN enables transfer of data, voice and video traffic to the internet and other sites. So as to

ensure high availability (HA) of internet services , alternate internet routes have been implemented to ensure high resiliency.

This has been achieved using both internal and external Boarder Gateway protocol (iBGP and eBGP)and Open shortest Path

First (OSPF) routing protocols.

The following WAN links are in place;

i. Main Link through Safaricom Limited . This is 10MB/10MB duplex

ii. A link to KENET. This is 10MB/10MB duplex

iii. Intersite link to ILRI

Router configurations have been made to ensure an automatic failover should the mail link to any of the destination fails. This

ensures close to 99.999% internet service provision availabilty.

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