Telephone Services

How to use your telephone
Intercom calls
Dial the extension number you require.

Outside calls …PIN
To make an outside call using your PIN, press the access key 0 and dial 83(official)/84(personal) following your pin code and 4 digit password to get outside line and then dial the telephone number you require. For example if you are given a PIN 1234, password 0000, and want to make an official call to ILRI Nairobi, you press the following digits. 0+1234+0000+83+00254 20 422 3000

Dial 9 or 2000 to call the operator during working hours. Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. On off-working hours, your calls are forwarded to Security/Main Gate.

Security / Main gate
Dial 2700/ 2703/ 2704/ 2888 to call Main Gate or Security Officer.

To redial the last number you called dial #55.

Call back
If you find an extension busy dial 5 and your phone will call that extension when it next becomes available. To cancel auto call back dial #67, to consult callback list dial #54.

While you are talking to an external party, to transfer: From digital phones (Alcatel) -directly dial the extension number followed by the transfer key. From analogue phones (Others) – fl ash hook switch & Dial the extension number and replace the handset. To get back to the caller in case of busy or no reply, Press 1. To alternate between the caller and the called party, Press 2.

Three-party conference
You are talking to an internal and external party; dial the extension number you wish to have conference with, await answer and advice on conference and then press 3 to establish a conference. For meet me conference dial #62.

Call pick-up
To pick a ringing call on another extension; dial 702 followed by the number of ringing extension. In the case of group pickup, dial 700 to pick any ringing call in your group. Or press pick up key.

Call forward / Divert
To forward your calls to another extension, dial 703(immediate), 704(immediate on busy), 705(on no-reply) or divert key followed by the extension number where you want your calls to go, to cancel call forward, dial 803. Or just press divert key. For forward cancel by destination dial 804.

Lock / Unlock
You can lock your phone or extension (for external calls only):Dial #68 or Lock key, followed by your 4 digit passwords Dial #68 or Lock key, followed by your 4 digit passwords To modify password dial #50 then current password (default is 0000) followed by new four digit password.

Call parking / Retrieve
To park a call dial #69 and replace hand set to retrieve same call dial #69 plus extension where you parked call.

Voice mail
Press # twice to start recording your voice mail ("am not in the office …" message) and follow the procedures. Enter your temporary password (by default your extension number), change your password, record your name, choose 1 to accept the standard message from the system, press 2 to record your own message, put your personal away message eg "Thank you for calling, I am unable to answer your call right now so please leave a message and I will get back to as soon as possible".

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
The office public access branch exchange (PABX) is connected via ISDN voice connection to the nearest Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation’s digital exchange. This allows external calls to be directly dialed to extensions directly without going through the switchboard. Office telephone extension numbers with the Direct Inward Dialing (DID) capability will have the same extension number as the last 4 digits of the external number. E.g. If a colleague has extension number 2184, the individual will be accessible directly from outside the campus by calling 011 617 2184. It can also be accessed from the Ms Outlook Address Book by looking at the telephone number. Should anyone wish to make a call to ILRI IT Services Helpdesk (extension number 2180) from anywhere within the country, just dial the area code (011) plus 617 and then the extension number (2180) simultaneously; i.e., if you dial 011 617 2180, your call will reach the ILRI IT Services Helpdesk directly without going through the ILRI switchboard operator.

CG Centre IVDN On-Net telephone
Using the IVDN (Integrated Voice and Data Network) you can reach any staff within the CGIAR using your extension telephone by dialing 81 followed by the Center’s code plus the extension number of the staff you would like to reach. That is, you dial 81 + CG Center’s code + Extension number Example: Suppose you would like to make a phone call to an ILRI staff in Kenya with extension number 1234. All you have to do is just dial 81 + 660 + 1234 from your extension line. If you wish to reach the operator at ILR-Kenya, you dial 81 + 6600 Same goes to using the fax numbers. Dial 81 plus the fax number provided in the table below. Please use the following table as a reference to reach a staff within the CG using your telephone where XXXX is the extension number of the staff.