Network Services Projects

i. Virtual LAN

The current LAN is on flat design. So as to ensure more availability through traffic broadcast s management the ICT infrastructure plans to implement VLANs based on segments and other security consideration. The plan is to have the project fully implemented by end of this year.

ii. LAN Upgrade

The ICT infrastructure is working on network design that will be able to support an an oncoming IP telephony. The first step is to ensure proper structured cabling in the remaining areas of the campus and also decide on the best switching design and platform to support this VOIP technology.

iii. Improvement on Wireless Connectivity

ICT recognizes the vital role wireless connectivity plays in LAN connectivity. The ICT infrastructure is working on a solution that will minimize the current number of APs by a longer range solution. The solution will also support roaming connectivity phenomenon and enhanced wireless connectivity security.

iv. LAN link redundancies

Considering the high availability requirement in uplinks when the LAN will be supporting both data and Voice (IP telephony) signals redundancies links are being setup in remaining areas. The appropriate switching configuration is being researched on to ensure backup links remain connected but in passive mode. This will ensure an automatic failover should the main link fails.

v. IP commander

The IP commander configurations are being fine tuned and researched on to fully support the World Agroforestry and ILRI VLAN implementation with the complexity scenarios of various subnets for Guest and corporate LAN in mind. An IP telephony project addressing scenario is also a new phenomenon that is being considered for integration in this test environment.