Grants MIS

ILRI is in the process of implementing a Proposals and Grants MIS. Previously, there was a GMIS implementation at ILRI but the system was not fully utilized. There have subsequently been attempts to re-implement the system and also a different Proposals management system implementation, but for various reasons, these systems are currently not in use. The Proposals and Grants management processes are currently managed manually in part and a few of the steps involved are automated, albeit with a purely Financial system (SUN Accounts).

Project Objectives

There has always been a requirement from various stake holders to provide various project and management reports to both Internal and external sources. This is an inherent need of project management in general and ILRI’s reporting needs specifically. The adoption of emerging technologies will help in boosting both the Finance and Research functions’ contribution to ILRI’s strategic direction. The proposals and grants MIS project is meant to ease information access, improve communication, integrate existing systems and significantly improve organizational efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.


The project will involve the automation of the following processes:

· Proposals management

· Grants management

· Programmes management

· Budgets management

· Reporting – technical, management and financial reports