ICT Helpdesk and Support

The ICT unit provides ICT support to users on campus as well as those travelling and world agroforestry staff in the regional offices.

The ICT Helpdesk is the first point of contact when you have an ICT problem or query.

NB: If requesting for ICT services for new staff, fill in the ICT Services Request Form . This shall log a call at the helpdesk while providing all the relavant information required to provide ICT services to a new staff member.

How the ICT Helpdesk Functions

As soon as the call is logged;
1. You shall receive an email from ICRAF-ICT-Helpdesk (ICRAF) indicating the work order number that you shall use to make follow ups for your call.
2. Based on the nature of your problem, the ICT helpdesk Administrator shall prioritise your tasks and in line with the  Response Times as stipulated in the SLA.
3. The helpdesk administrator shall then allocate your work order within 30 minutes to the next available technician who will contact you and ensure resolution in line with the resolution times as per the allowable response times.
4. While your call is being handled, updates shall be updated on the system and notifications shall be sent to you automatically via Email.
5. Upon resolution, the ICT staff shall update the work order with action taken and complete the work order. You shall receive an Email notification on the same. The email shall indicate instructions on what to do if a work order was closed erroneously.
6.The ICT unit also follows up to get to know if you were satisfied with the support services provided based on the services you received for that partculary call.

How to contact the helpdesk
1. Email
Email the ICT helpdesk at  icrafhelpdesk(at)cgiar.org
This will automatically have your request logged onto our helpdesk system(Trackit).
You shall receive a work order number that you shall use to make follow ups for your call.
2. Track-it Self Service
You can log a work order by going to Track-it Self Service, and logging on using the standard ICRAF Logon credentials.
On logging a call, a work order number shall be allocated to the task and which you can use to follow up on the problem reported to ICT.
You can also use Track-it self service to check on the progress of your work order or update the same.
NB: This service is currently only accessible to users on the ICRAF Network. As soon as it is available to users travelling and from regional offices, we shall notify you.
3. Call
You can call the ICT Helpdesk as follows:
4207 - When on Campus.
711034207 or 0207224207 - When in Kenya but outside Campus.
+254722034207 or +254207224207 - When outside Kenya.

Upon receiving your call, the helpdesk administrator shall attempt to resolve your call over the phone upon manually logging it onto the system or have your call logged and allocated to the appropriate IT support staff who shall contact you and resolve.

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