Remote ICT Support Service


The ICT unit is pleased to officially announce Remote ICT support , both on and off campus (As long as you have an internet connection). This is a secure remote service that allows us, with your consent and permission to either take control of your computer to resolve your ICT problems through screen sharing or show you what steps to take while observing your actions to resolve the same in the shortest time possible. It shall be accompanied by a phone call.
The Remote ICT Support Service ensures:

Message Labs: The new Email spam filter product

The ICT unit has been working with CGNET to deal with the increasing spam problem (unsolicited junk email).CGNET is in the process of rolling out an anti-spam service from MessageLabs, the most accurate and effective anti-spam service available; Spam Manager.
Spam Manager will identify spam messages on your behalf and direct them to your personal Spam Manager account. Spam Manager service shall be activated Wednesday, May 12, 2010.
These tips are also available in French Language

Safaricom increase internet bandwidth capacity

Improving Africa's internet connectivity

Safaricom has added 20% more bandwidth capacity for the World Agroforestry Centre’s main internet connection at no additional cost. This brings the capacity up to 12Mbps and reduces our cost per Mbps.

The additional bandwidth will minimise the times that we we experience congestion on our available capacity. Currently this only occurs when transferring large volumes of data or when providing backup for ILRI's internet connection.

KENET provides access to Research and Education Networks Worldwide

The World Agroforestry and ILRI’s membership of KENET now gives our scientists access to resources that are not available on the public internet. KENET has launched a gateway to link Kenya’s Research and Education network to the regional networks around the world: GEANT in Europe; Ubuntunet in Africa; Internet2 in the Americas and APAN in Asia.

Although the link between Africa and Europe is not as fast as the advanced networks in other parts of the world we will still be able to make use of information, tools and resources that our collaborators make available to us.

Ethiopia Internet: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Fibre Optic Cables

Our colleagues on the ILRI campus in Ethiopia suffered with greatly degraded internet access for much of May as ETC struggled to migrate clients to the new SEACOM cable. The connection has now stabilised and we have some much BETTER news for the future.
TODAY the satellite capacity to the campus was doubled to 2Mbps incoming 1Mbps outgoing. This means that when the ETC link fails and we route traffic through the satellite we can do much more work at reasonable speeds before the link is filled.


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