ICT Response times

ICT Work Order Priority Guidelines and resolution times

  • This is what guides the ICT Staff when assigning and attending to your ICT Requests.
  • Use this to measure the quality and timeliness of the service the ICT unit provides to you.
  • To help us serve you well, place your requests in good time ; this  table below being your guide, to ensure that quality and timely service is given to you effectively, to minimize any downtime on your part. E.g Request for a new email account at least 48hrs (2 days) prior to the new staff member arriving.

Priority Level

Should be resolved in


Example Requests in this category


1-2 Hrs

  • Disrupted or restricted service Organization-wide, a whole wing or a whole floor
  • Internet is down campus wide
  • Email Server is down
  • A virus outbreak on the network
  • PABX is down and no calls can be made campus wide
  • The Network Switch in TSBF is faulty
  • ICT Helpdesk system is down.


1 day (24hrs)

  • Disrupted or Restricted service to a group of users
  • Disrupted service to single user that could affect a group of users
  • Finance Unit Printer is down
  • User’s PC does not have a working antivirus



2 days (48hrs)

  • Disrupted or restricted service to an individual who cannot properly perform their duties without restoration of service
  • New Computer setup
  • New user account
  • Provide Telephone PN
  • Install custom software
  • Activate network point
  • Change distribution list Membership
  • Provide specifications for an IT equipment to be purchased by a unit



72 hours

  • Problem is causing inconveniences to a single user though the user can still perform their duties
  • User’s computer is slow
  • My monitor resolution is not very good
  • Change display name for an Ext


1 wk

  • This is basically anything that is not reported as a problem but as a change of a particular service and does not affect the operations of the centre or particular users
  • This depends on the enhancement and the ICT staff assigned shall discuss with the user to determine the length of the project.
  • Change the layout of the Telephone directory on the intranet


  • Establishing prioritization levels does not mean that lower level cases will be disregarded. It is simply a way of establishing guidelines for how to best deal with conflicting resources and priorities.
  • Jobs should be assigned 30 minutes from when they are reported – This results in a Work order number and a Technician being assigned. Details of this are sent to your email account for ease of follow-up.
  • Assigned technicians should respond by communicating with users within half a day of working hours and based on the nature of the tasks, the resolution times above apply.