How to use the internet connection from my hostel room (ILRI Ethiopia)?

In your hostel room you will find a network cable that will enable you to connect to the Internet. Please use the following procedures to set up yourself to use the network facility: (please note that only one of the two connection ports on the wall work, so if one is not working just move the cable to the next one) • Connect the network cable that you find in the room to your laptop. The instructions below are for Internet Explorer 8, for other browsers the instructions may differ slightly.

• Open your browser Internet Explorer

• Click on the Tools menu and select Internet Options

• Click on the Connections tab

• On the connections Window look for and click on LAN settings

• Select "Automatically detect settings" option, by clicking on the box to the right.

• Click on OK

• Click on OK

Your internet should be working now, if you are facing problem please call the ILRI Ethiopia ICT Helpdesk at 2180 during working hours or ICT Hotline mobile 0911 638597 off working hours

Note: you might want to write down the already existing settings, so that you won’t have any problem when you get back to your office.