How to create VPN?

To create VPN please use the following procedures:
• Go to Start and then select Control Panel
• Double click on Network Connections
• Click on the Create New Connection link on left side; It will give you create new connection wizard dialog box and then click Next
• Click on the second option that goes Connect to the network at my workplace and click Next
• Select Virtual Private Network Connection and click Next
• Give it any name you can easily remember and click Next
• Under Public Network dialog box select Do Not dial the initial connection and click Next
• Copy and paste this address ( – Ethiopia ( – ILRI Kenya and Ethiopia ( then click Next
• On smart cards option leave the default Do not use my smart card and click Next
• Under connection availability select My use only and click Next
• Then you can choose the option of creating a shortcut on the desktop and click Finish
You shall be prompted to log on once you need to use. Use your normal network username and password.