How do I log helpdesk reports on Trackit it web service ?

To initiate a helpdesk requests please use the following procedures:

  • Go to the track-it website http://trackit/ to submit a Helpdesk Request or go to the ilrinet and click the IT-Helpdesk link (ILRI Addis) or (ICRAF) or (ILRI NBI)
  • After logging-in click the link “click here to log in as an end user with your windows login information” • Click the Link that says “add work order”
  • Enter the work order. The most important elements of the Work Order Request are:

    Requestor (picked by the system)
    • Summary
    • Type
    • Subtype
    • Category
    • Description
  • Once you have entered that information click Save
  • After you have successfully initiated a Help Desk request you will be taken to a page that contains the Work Order Number and Summary of your problem.
  • If you want to check the status of your work order request, please go to the “help desk” link and click on your work order to check.