ICT Equipment Purchase guidelines

The ICT Unit provides guidelines and advice on purchasing ICT equipment. The procedure is as follows:

- Identify a need - This can be done by the user or following advice from an ICT Staff

- Raise a work order requesting for advice on the equipment to purchase describing the needs for easy analysis and hence advice from ICT staff.

- ICT has pre-prepared specifications for certain ICT equipment to guide you. see below.

a) Desktops and Laptops

Download the current recommended specifications.

NOTE: ICT identifies the specific needs to and comes up with several options to meet these needs.

- Standard Notebook - This 15.1" notebook has the HDD size and the performance of a desktop but with the benefit of portability.

- Standard Desktop - For normal office use

- Workstation - For those needing much hgher performance than for that of a standard desktop for special applications and graphics display needs.

ILRI shall be in agreement in a few days with a gold HP partner for discounted prices for specific HP notebooks and desktops as per the attached specifications.

b) Printers

ICT unit advices on use of shared printers rather than a printer for each staff to save on purchasing and running costs of the equipment.


C)Other Items

Headphones - These are available in the stores. These headphones are optimized for online meetings.

Desktop and Laptop HP Purchase and Lease guide 2014.pdf267.99 KB