Applications Support

The ICT Unit Provides Support for several applications in use within ILRI and ICRAF. These are:
1. The Human Resources System (HR4U)

This is the main Finance & operations system that has 3 modules namely:

3. FastPay Payroll system.
This is a newly implemented payroll system, that will go live in June 2010 and will replace the old payroll (Inspirosoft Payroll). One of the key advantages of the new payroll
sytems is that it has the capabilities to allow all staff access to a self service portal where they can:

4. Labs Management Info sys (LIMS) -
This is an MIS that keeps track of all the operational activities in the laboratories. Just like any other MIS it has different modules covering different area of the Laboratories.

5. Telephone Management System

>Judas - This a telephony application used for generating calling PINS. Its also used to track and log in calls.

Other application being used in the campus but not managed by the ICT Department include:

Info center applications