Changing your password while not on the network (ICRAF)


  1. How to change your password
  2. How to Enroll to the service (to allow you unlock your account or reset a forgotten password)
  3. How to unlock your account
  4. Updating your Active Directory profile

You are required to change your password on first logon or when the password expires. NB. Your password expires every 3 months so you need to change every so often to avoid inconveniences.

You shall receive a notification from the password expiry domain notification service by the ICT unit when the password expiry date approaches. You are advised to change your password before the expiry date.

1. How to change your password

Go to , the following page opens. Enter your username and initial password as provided by ICT(Or that you have been using) and log on


i. Click on the Change Password tab and enter the password provided and enter the new one and confirm.


ii. Enter the old password and the new one then confirm the new password by entering it a second time and click on Ok.

NB: The requirements for the new password are as follows:

Be a minimum of eight (8) characters
Contain at least three (3) of the following four (4) character types: upper case characters (A-Z), lower case characters (a-z), numeric characters (0-9) or special characters (!”@$%&*…).
Be different to the previous five (5) used
Be different to all passwords used in the past six (6) months and
Be changed at least every 90 days

2. Enrolling for the service

Enrolling for the service allows you to unlock your account when and if it locks

i. Answer 3 questions - 2 of them a selection and for the other, create a question of your own and answer and save


3. How to Unlock your account


Click on ‘Unlock your account’ the following window shall appear


Enter your domain username and click on continue. Answers shall be prompted for the questions you used when you enrolled for the service and a word verification shall be required (twice)! Then click on continue.


Then unlock account after the second word verification.


4. Updating your account profile

Click on My Info and update any of t he fields you’d like to update and click on Save. The sign out.Click on My Info and update any of t he fields you’d like to update and click on Save. The sign out.